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How to Use a Grilling Plank

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Enhance the flavor of vegetables, fish, and meat by using a plank while grilling.

Step 1: Choose plank
Choose only untreated western red cedar, hickory, alder, or maple planks for grilling.

Each wood gives a distinct flavor. Choose wood compatible with the food you’re grilling.

Step 2: Soak plank
Soak the plank in a bucket of water for 1 hour. This will prevent the wood from burning.

Step 3: Add accent
Add the salt and apple juice, white wine, and berry or citrus juice to the water to accent the wood’s aroma and flavor.

Step 4: Season plank
Season the plank by placing it on a preheated grill for 2 minutes, turning once.

Seasoning prevents the plank from warping and intensifies its flavor.

Step 5: Cook food
Place the food on the plank when the plank begins to crackle. Without flipping the food, grill it to desired doneness.

Step 6: Wash
Place the plank in a bucket of water to prevent it from reigniting when your food is done. Wash it with soap and water.

Step 7: Reuse plank
Store your plank in a dry place. The plank can be reused two or three times. Try out a new recipe, experimenting with different wood types.

Did You Know?
The western red cedar tree has been used to make clothes, canoes, shingles, shoe polish, utility poles, and various medicines.


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