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Smoking vs. Grilling | BBQ

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Speaker 1: [Background music] Today we’re gonna tell you the difference between grilling and smoking. Both are excellent techniques to use outside when you’re barbecuing. Grilling is going to be a more intense heat, a quicker cooking time. Really when you want to seer a meat is gonna be perfect for that. Smoking is taking a larger cut of meat that needs a longer period of cooking time at a lower temperature. The low and slow method which you may have heard of. So you’re gonna be taking the meat putting it away from the fire. You’re gonna be actually using a lower fire too. Grilling you’re maybe using 400, 500 degrees. Smoking you’re probably like 200 to 250 degree angle. But both techniques are really amazing to produce some really amazing barbeque.

Speaker 2: Yeah and we really encourage you to get out an try both. Great examples of grilling steaks are fantastic for it, seafood, shrimp in short periods of time, easy to do. Now if you’re doing the smoking, things like pork butt, brisket, It take a little bit longer time but we always ‘cuz it’s time to hang out with family and friends. Maybe have a drink or two.

Speaker 1: Yeah we really encourage you to try both though like we said these are both terrific methods and don’t be afraid if you’ve never grilled or never smoked. Try it. A lot of people have grilled but they haven’t smoked ‘cuz they’re are afraid of these big pieces of meat. Just give it a try. Like Bret likes to say if it doesn’t turn out right you can always order a pizza. So the big things to take away from this are grilling equals hot and fast, smoking equals low and slow. So go out there, fire up the grill, fire up the smoker, give it shot.


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