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Grilling 101 / How to Cook Strip Steak Recipe

In the first episode of the What’s This Food?! grilling week series, Daniel gives a lesson in grilling and shows how to cook a strip steak on the grill. Today’s sponsor is Stage Coach Sauces:

What’s This Food?! (WTF?!) is a daily cooking show, with a new episode posted every day of 2011.

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8 thoughts on “Grilling 101 / How to Cook Strip Steak Recipe

  • half of the video is a history lesson on grilling speed it up son

  • You can use some vegetable oil on the newspaper in the chimney firestarter as a natural "lighter fluid".

  • I did not know that grilling and barbecuing was different. Thanks for teaching me! Im moving next month and im supposed to have a backyard (wich I dont here) so Im planning on cooking outside!

  • Whenever I try to correct people and tell them grilling is not the same as barbecue they look at me like I am an a-hole. Words matter people! Salting meat before (~45min.) will drastically improve browning and flavor. As it reverse osmosis the moisture and salt into the meat. This also allows meat to come to temperature. IMO, 20 min. is not enough time. The whole piece of meat should be room temp. As a safety precaution, avoid leaving meat out for longer than an hour to avoid food born illness.


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