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Grilling Vegetables in Our Backyard – Vlog Post – Hvlog

Vlog Post – Hvlog – Grilling Vegetables in Our Backyard
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29 thoughts on “Grilling Vegetables in Our Backyard – Vlog Post – Hvlog

  • Yes plz do anything and everything armenian..its so close to our arabic food.i am really enjoying it.

  • I'd love to see an Armenian BBQ, with kofta and kabobs and chicken with the garlic sauce and tahini and potato salad (without mayo) and tabouli and eggplant dip and anything else you can think of 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Who is your videographer…
    Wonderful shooting and editing.
    Love all your recipes.. Specially veg ones.

  • love this video would love to see an armenian barbecue video i eat vegetarian and love veg kebabs sometimes i add cubes of marinated tofu

  • Grilled veggies are the best !!!..can you tell me what the music was at the end of the video.. It was really nice.. thanks

  • Простите,как правильно произносится ваше имя?? Никак не могу сказать точно…..и спасибо за видео,очень понравилось….Яна.

  • You have some of the best videos on youtube. The editing and involvement of your children in the background is magnificent.

  • Armenian BBQ is the best! anyone who have tasted will know that ;-))

  • Yes please share your Armenian bbq experience with us!! Thank you so much for all your wonderful recipes. I thoroughly enjoy all your videos.

  • Would the phrase you are looking for be "flavor combination"?  Great video :).

  • Yes please do an Armenian cookout. I would like to see how you do the pepper paste
    and loulue kababs.

  • That's a great back yard/patio area. I love the total privacy that it gives you. I'm sure that everyone would love to see your Armenian barbeque video. Even if I may not plan to cook the specific food that you're cooking in a particular video, I enjoy watching them. You are very charming, your family is entertaining, and it doesn't hurt for me to learn something new-whether I ever use it or not. Thank you for sharing this video with us. -Linda

  • Love grilled vegetables! I wish it was summer here in Australia! Enjoy the sun and the delicious seasonal fruit and veggies for me pretty please ?

  • LOL! "You're grilling the sticker." Fun to watch your family. You pronounce "vegetables" same way as my mom did. Yes, show Armenian barbecue. I love vegetables. That's all I eat and fruits and various nuts, lentils.

    What variety of eggplant are you grilling? Why can't I find slim eggplants and not these huge fat football sized ones? Maybe Korean store has them?


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