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  • Part 2 of 2

    And so………

    What would my nen ability be actually?

    Kurapika's reason in the anime was that

    "He wanted to Conjuror Chains, because he wanted to chain down all the evil in this world, back to the depths of hell"

    And that's because his clan got massacred by the spider at a very young age. And so i could very well see the reason for his deep hatred and grudge for that. (well since in the show the spiders are still living)

    However……… me personally. It's more of a "universal feeling of rage/hatred/anger at the world"

    My hatred of people in general……… I hatred of them for doing me wrong. and yet still prevailing…….

    Ever since i was a kid i thought that i was a "good person" and so "why did i deserve all that shit and other kid/adults give me?".

    Even if i started the shit in the first place, it was caused by a reaction. (anyhow, the point is "im right no matter what")

    And it's like

    "the general feelings of being wronged even though you were in the right……….." it just………… absoutely F%*$#*%$KING makes rage/hatred/ and anger all of them emotions combined in 1.

    Or……. a "more precise example would be"

    "The general feeling of evil triumphing in this world F%*$#*%$KING makes rage/hatred/ and anger"

    (And yes, i mean "evil" in my own "self-righteous way", even in situations where "im obviously wrong" since "I'm right no matter what")

    And so because of "all of that"

    Well, ofc i would be a "Conjuror"

    (and this abliity is most likely going to be from a "result of the vows and limitations since of my the vows and intense emotions that i ever had as a kid and how that works is the "the stronger the emotion" the stronger the ability and so my fury

    And the object that i would conjurer would be………. well……. it would be " Suit of Armor" (in whatever way it is designed, could be modern, futuristic or anything……. but it is unique though)

    (probably like an hunter x hunter art style of a paladin armor or something like that)

    (the design of it is prob going to be that of a chinese garment but it's going to have the properties of armor but it may not have look like actual physical armor)

    (and yes part of that is influenced by feitan's ability but still……… everything is influence by everything anyways , doesn't make it not unique or anything)

    And that is because the suit of armor symbolizes the ability to be "be invulnerable from any sorts of harm" (since im a 684 a triple reactive)

    The the suit of armor would provide both offensives and defensive abilities depending on my emotions at the very moment.

    And the "creavitity of the suit of armor would be infinite")

    What i mean by this is……………….. it would filter all the unconscious vibes/ emotions of a 4 and transform it into "something useful"

    Such as ………..

    Say in a combat scenario i'm like filled with hatred and anger and i'm like "I want him/her dead right at this moment" and spoken with a like an really angry tone. And then the armor would be able to conjuror something for like "to reach that goal as fast as possible". (which could be anything really. but say…….)

    And (ofc im a 6 so i'd have to achieve this from a distance)

    So like say in a an "actual combat situation"

    My armor would conjure some sort of "heat-seeking missle that travels at the speed of sound" (prob shoot out from the wrist or something) and immediately destroys the target and resulting in the target's whole body splattering.

    Ok i might continue on "my nen ability and stuff of that sorts" when i get back.

    Oh and also, i know i compare myself to kurapika and stuff but obviously that's just for fun and we have soooo many differences.

    And ofc in terms of looks (face) im the best there is was and ever will be (real life)

    To all my 100% loyal family (whoever they are)

    Thanks for reading!

  • Part 1 of 2

    Hi (to all my 100% loyal family) (whoever they are)

    Anyhow this is just a morning post on my off day but i figured that I wanted to

    "Post something for fun"

    Anyhow, as all my 100% loyal family knows.

    "I'm a super big fan of the anime series hunter x hunter"

    (and also me, posting this also has "real life practical" ideas……… but you understand what i mean as i get to it)

    And in terms of the nen abilities i used to always think that i was an "enhancer". Well, simply because i was an XSFP. But now that i have knowledge of the ennegram and stuff i figured out that i am actually a "Conjurer". (well simply because "Conjurer = 6 in the enneagram") based on "Hisoka's personality test".

    Real Enhancer's are actually 7's…….. (and obviously im not a 7 im a 6w7 and i been over all of this before)

    and more so………

    To add more to the point……….. Now that i have the knowledge of the ennegram and that observe the character of Kurapika more closely…….. It feels like that character IS me (well obviously he's not me, but it's like a figure of speech)…………

    I used to always find……. well

    "He's an annoying person with a lot of angst, and most of all is the BIGGEST hypocrite ever since he is overly self righteous"

    But now………. (after i'm well enlightened) about the Ennegram and everything of that sorts. It feels like the character Kurapika is the "literal abstract idea of an ESFP 684 Sp/Sx"

    (and ofc even all 684's are unique such as even other 684's are unmatched to my charismatic talents and stuff)

    Well because Kurapika is obviously human, but he's not exactly "super soft and sensitive" ( in fact, in times of stress he tends to be very calm and analytical which is like me too.)

    (but i mean like, when "i'm doing something that i'm passionate about"

    most of the time when understress at work, well…… not really calm since i'm like "when the actual fuck is this going to be over?")

    But yeah…….. in situations that i enjoy doing such as say in a paintball fight match or something like that……. i'm usually calm

    "no-bullshit, straight to the point, and im going to win no matter what either that or die trying, since like i said before in situations like relating to anything like combat

    (not like games, or sports, or any other pointless competitions and stuff i dont care about winning in any of that stuff, i find those stuff pointless)

    And my reason for winning is power, and like i said…… since im a 684 ever since i was little i vowed and swore that i won't let anyone boss me around/or have power over me no matter what, And this feeling has a lot of rage/hatred/anger in it too and it'

    And it's like i view all of these situations like………

    "Shit has always been this way …… ever since i was a kid ……….. conflicts happen because of a disagreement of beliefs, but I KNOW for a fact ( And i know "im self-rightous but isn't everyone?") that mine is right and that i have been rightfully wronged ………….and so even then………the other person STILL won't back down no matter what (for a reason that contradicts my one of my core values/ beliefs) ……… and……. then i think to myself…….. "the very thought of the other person resisting and not backing down" it……….. ABSOLUTELY F&%%#*$king enrages me,

    And that's why in the end it's the battles of wits and will and i WILL make them back (back down permanently and for good) by burying them 6 feet under no matter what and i NOTHING will stop me. and ONLY then will i be satisfied"

    (and obviously this is "just in a hypothetical scenario and im not going to get in trouble with he law and stuff of that sorts well obviously because i'm not an idiot and been over all of that before)

    (and that's like what i'd like to call "The fury of a 684" And that's why "my resolve is ironclad" and i tend to trump over most other types in combat

    (well in terms of say, like if we are measuring it terms like "enthusiasm, intensity" "Passion")

    they tend to just coward in fear and stuff……. but then again there are those types of hardcore soldier types that "just likes combat because it's fun"(well obviously they also have their reasons, but they're able to "last the longest" since they enjoy the activity the most out of all types (since they are 8 dominates) and i usually prevail over them by "being more aware of witty the little traps and stuff" and i'd set traps for them to fall into)

    (such as retreating and stuff……… which is my default fighting method anyways (and yes even when 6 go to 3, i still wont fight them head on lol, well simply because im not an idiot)

    , i never fight anyone head on. That's just plain fucking autistic, something that only 8's would do)

    6's are witty. and 684's are "uniquely witty"

    My tactics in combat are unmatched (especially since i have knowledge of the "Sun Tzu's art of war" which is the main compoent that enabled the viet cong to beat the WHOLE us military back in the vietnam war.

    (that's how powerful the tactics in the book are)

    (although, i have to "study more into it ofc" I barely read the thing. But my point is "i'm well aware of it")

    (well, the thing with 4's is that "they are only sensitive to certain subjects that they care about" and that's why he's a 684.)

    And his abilities.

    "Emperor Time" Which couldn't best show the example of a 6 – 9 (direction of integration)

    The ability "Emperor Time" suppose to be an ability that "use all types of nen to 100% efficiency" (for a conjuror)

    And how this best symbolism the ennegram is that 9's are said to be "the crown of the enneagram" meaning they have the best qualities of every type.

    And like how the ability "Emperor Time" is known as a specialist since well……….. 6 – 9 and 6 -3 which is pretty much why (i'm usually defualt charismatic i guess)

    And ofc by the quote "every second spent in his mode shorten's Kurapika's lifespan by 1 hour"

    Because "The direction of integration is naturally hard to sustain"

    (well for the first type in your tritype, i 684 usually goes to 321 and i tend to be able to "stay at 321 for a pretty good amount of time really……….) (but ofc "it is constantly fluctuating always")

    And then pretty much ALL of kurapika's other traits relate to me too……..

    Such as his ablitites "judgement chain" and all the other ones that resemble 1's but Kurapika is obviously not a 1, and we know this because 1's could either go to a 4 or a 7 and obviously Kurapika has shown neither.

    And because of the fact that we know Kurapika is a 6 (conjuror) that could only mean he is a 684.

    And just as in the scenes where

    "Melody" said that "His heatbeat is scary and fill with "unrestricted fury and rage" that is most likely just like me……….. the INTENSE feelings that i get that "pretty much consumes me" and it turns me into

    "rage/hatred incarnate"

    Meaning "I AM that that emotion"

    But ofc just like the in the anime those emotion actually enhances his "abilities" and he is able to be better at combat because of it. (just like his fight with uvogin)

    And this brings it to another thing and it's makes complete sense that

    "The vow( nen) ability the Kurapika made can ONLY be used against the spiders"

    Because that is the "fundamental thing of 4's" their emotions have "to be true" in order for them to operate 100% efficiency.

    And then well besides that……..

    The thing i thought was really genius about Togashi's idea of a 6 being a Conjuror.

    Well that is that…….. 6's are the types that "use tools the most".

    They need "something to hold onto to support them in a way" so……. say like perhaps "a gun" it gives them a sense of security.

  • Got a women teaching me how two grill hey, cant a dude mansplaining. guess il ask my uncle the best tips for dealing with menopause an shut the fuck up

  • Eating grill food is not healthy cause it cause the food turning into more carbon especially the blackpart. I know carbon cause cancer.

  • What's with this people eating uncooked food because they think they're professional. Shit is not cook

  • 130f and rest… They will end up med well to well. It needs to come off at 100f-105f and rest. Rare is a final temp of 105-115. Med rare is 120-125.

  • Sorry but the steak will cook a lot faster than those peppers and corn… unless you like raw veges.

  • Open will turn on the gas….. wow, a whole new world opens up for me. I never understood why my food was cold everytime tried grilling…..?

  • Thank you, I love you, Tasty! These how to videos are wonderful. I'm a pretty darn good cook, but I always learn something new from you. Please keep the videos coming!

  • Tell me how to grill the soul of my element school teacher.

  • Misleading title. Propane grill is not really grilling. What flavor propane are you using? Ugh!

  • I love grilling I just ate a cheese burger. I'm starting to master the grill. charcoal only!

  • Its not a grill its an outside stove a real grill is a grill with coles or wood

  • Excellent effort & a plethora of good info, especially for a 1st time gas grill owner as well as a seasoned gas griller. Good job Tasty.

  • My little charcoal grill doesn’t have nobs or propane so you’ve lost me even after I’ve managed to get past you grilling lettuce

  • 0:38 I thought open will turn off the gas and close will turn on the gas. Thank you tasty, very helpful.


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