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The Best Grill Brushes For Porcelain Enamel Coated Grill Grates

The most common problem with buying a barbecue grill brush is it will damage your cooking gates. The prevent is to scratch the grates of your expensive Weber BBQ.

Thankfully, with only a bit of research, it is pretty easy to ensure you purchase the best grill brush for your BBQ.

If you use Amazon, as everyone else does, you can see the reviews on each of the products before you purchase. From there, look at the higher-rated ones and read the reviews for more info.

The most found material that will likely be used is stainless steel. These grates are stable and resistant to rust and corrosion. Porcelain-coated grill grates, on the other hand, are a great deal more delicate. The porcelain coat on the grate is brittle and can chip and unravel. Not only does this minimize the non-stick capability of the grate, but it also exposes the metal underneath the enamel to moisture.

Iron grill grates have become robust. However, they should be kept oiled quit rusting.

Many grill brushes are entirely safe for use the majority of grills. However, there exists one noteworthy different. NEVER use a scraper on porcelain coated grill grates! You will chip the porcelain enamel. With that exception, most brushes are fine with most grates.

The two most common materials used for BBQ brushes are brass and stainless steel. Brass is softer than steel, so its less likely to scratch up your grill grates. However, since the brass is softer, it wears out faster. A worn-out brass grill brush flattens. Once flattened, brass grill brushes need to be replaced regularly.

Metal grill brushes sturdy, more long-lasting, as a consequence of their stiff bristles. However, this extra stiffness in the steel means that they can scratch your grill grate. This is why people use brass brushes for porcelain enamel coated grill grates.

So which kind of brush should you buy to clean your porcelain enamel coated grill grate?

My recommendation is always to go for a stainless-steel grill brush with bristles thin enough that they don’t cause damage.

The general belief that you can only use brass bristled brushes for porcelain enamel coated grates is not, in fact, true. Many stainless steel grill brushes are entirely safe for use. They will last a lot longer compared to brass brushes. I always recommend opting for one of these brushes. That way, you have a grill brush that will also last a very long time.

To get the maximum life out of your BBQ brush, its best to use it when the grate is hot. This will make it easy to clean, enabling you to use much less pressure, which ultimately means that your bristles will sit in excellent condition longer.

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