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Stove Top Grilling Recipes & Tips : How to Flip Grilled Salmon

Learn how to flip salmon on a stovetop grill with expert cooking tips in this free indoor grilling video clip.

Expert: Bill Feldman
Bio: Bill Feldman, otherwise known as “The Boxing Chef”, is a restaurateur and certified sports trainer located in New York City. He has been featured on CNN and
Filmmaker: Paul Muller


2 thoughts on “Stove Top Grilling Recipes & Tips : How to Flip Grilled Salmon

  • You can not only spray it 0:35 but if you use two and you have a piece that stocked you can still get it off without making Salmon crumbs.  Just come at from both side at the same time so that you are not pulling it from one side; the way you would rip anything to shreds.  Both side eliminates this.

    Your cook time is right on, don't over cook Salmon.  I've seen other videos recommend as much a 7 min per side!  YIKES!  I guess they were making Rubberized Salmon…

  • The fats in salmon are extremely healthy and flavorful. Your comment about grilling to lift the salmon out of the fats was unnecessary babble.


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