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Ninja Foodi Grill Calzones

Pick up some pizza dough at the supermarket and make these easy calzones in your Ninja Foodi Grill. Oh don’t forget the cheese and pepperoni! But you can put whatever fillings you want into these calzones and make them yours!
The Ninja Foodi Grill is perfect for making these calzones!

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9 thoughts on “Ninja Foodi Grill Calzones

  • watched all your videos on the foodi grill.
    Just got one for Christmas…

    How do you know the temps for everything? Like times to set and temperature check on the food to make sure it’s cooked?

  • Lisa, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to You, Mom and the Family. Thank You for all of Your videos and hard work

  • Well Lisa, what can I say, I had never heard of calzones before I thought it was perhaps an area of a farm that was sealed off just for the cows, but no, these look so tasty and delicious that I think I could easily have these for my Christmas dinner on Wednesday and I mean that awesome, awesome, awesome and it really helps you showing the finished product at the start of each video, fantastic my girl fantastic!!!

  • Hmm… That is an awesome idea !!! I am loving the NFG more and more !
    On Sunday I made Pigs in a blanket Air Crisp, and they were great !!

  • Omg, awesome! I don't have the ninja grill, but I bought the grill grates for the foodi,I have the ninja foodi deluxe. Can i make it on grill grate and what time and temp would you recommend?

  • I like the videos. Simple and to the point. Not dragging on. That Calzone looks great.

  • Thank you. Another delicious meal. Where did you get the grilling rack? Not having much luck getting items for the Ninja. Toronto Canada.Eh! Maybe i need to look harder. 🙂

  • Omg it looks delicious and we don't need to use our conventional oven thanks for share


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