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My Fave Grilling Recipes | Grilling Compilation Wings Pizza & Steak

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~Please subscribe!~ I have been working on this video for a few weeks now. In it I share 3 of my fave things to grill–wings, pizza, & steak. If you like this video let me know by giving it a thumbs up. I hope you enjoy!

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31 thoughts on “My Fave Grilling Recipes | Grilling Compilation Wings Pizza & Steak

  • Love that. Keep coming. Show more. I wanna learn. I was afraid of my fire. Thanks too Matt.

  • I season my steaks in a similar way, except I use salt, pepper, garlic powder, worchestshire sauce and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice. The last 2 ingredients really add a wonderful flavor and tenderize the meat and make it just melt in your mouth! I use a ziploc bag with all air taken out to marinate it so all sides are always covered in the marinade. Tastes like a fancy steakhouse! Try it!

  • I tried the grilled pizza ….. it was delicious! It was actually my 1st time eating Naan flatbread. I told my hubby about it and once he heard Naan, he said oh that will be tastey. 6 yrs together and I never knew he liked naan. What else dont I know about this man? LOL. Thank you for sharing.

  • Yum! Great video…thanks for showing us these great grilling ideas.

  • sounded like your husband was gonna eat all of those wings!!

  • Love this video.. we are going to do the pizzas and get one of those grill pans… what a easy way to do veggies…

  • Unfortunately my husband will not barbecue (we don't have one anyway) so I am totally envious of barbecued meals. Looks soooo yummy ??? I have been meaning to tell you how much I love your plates; they look like they have a lace doily in the center ~ so unique!

  • I have recently started roasting veggies and we love them. I can't wait to grill some different ones now. When I have been roasting them I have been using the Chosen Foods Brand oil, it is a mixture of three oils and it is AMAZING!

  • Great video! Thank you so much! One question, do you wash the grill grate every time you grill? If so, how?????????

  • Loved this!!! Yum!! We love grilling. We might have to go out and get one of those trays for veggies. We usually just do corn and throw it right one there after coating it with some oil and salt. But that tray would open up all sorts of yummy. Yes please do more grilling videos.

    Also, I smiled when you out the oregano on the steak because growing up, my Dominican family always used oregano on beef.

  • Love this video and your hubby is awesome! 🙂 I've never tried Old Bay but I think I'll pick a small container of it up just to see what it's all about! I've never put oil on my steaks before putting them on the bbq either……I learned a lot of new things today!! Happy Thursday!!

  • Everything looks sooo good! I would love more grilling videos 🙂

  • Enjoyed this!!! Everything looked delicious as always my friend!!! The hubs is funny and has such an happy spirit ??

  • I kind of want to go to the store to get flatbread tonight to grill up some pizza! Thanks for the inspiration! ?

  • Can you do a video of just your husband doing a voiceover? ? so funny!

  • Haha I love your husbands grilling clips ? love your recipes!!!

  • You guys should have a cooking show on tv. Your recipes are amazing and your husband is so enthusiastic and fun!

  • YUM! Everything looks deliciously amazing and the pizza wowed me (and I'm not a big pizza fan). Great job guys!


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