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GRAPHIC – Live lobster – 2 Grilled Lobster Recipes

In this video I will show you the best way to kill a lobster. I am also giving you 2 great grilled lobster recipes.

Ingredients Gin and Tonic butter
Butter – 100 gram
Gin – 50 ml
Tonic – 50 ml
Lemon – 2
Lime – 2
Salt – a pinch of salt
Black pepper – to taste

Ingredients Chili & Garlic Butter
Chili pepper – 1
Garlic – 2 clove
Fine chopped parsley – 1 tablespoon
Salt – 2 pinches
Butter – 100 gram

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48 thoughts on “GRAPHIC – Live lobster – 2 Grilled Lobster Recipes

  • Omg shame on u I can't believe u killed That Lobster I'm sooo for that good eating no I mean pass the butter I mean no stop Don't kill him lol

  • Yeah I shot a monkey last week with 12 gauge shotgun..Felt horrible.. Now I'm about to slice a lobster in half while it's still alive and grill it.. ??YouTube is dehumanizing me

  • Honestly I'd just throw the little bitch in a hot pot after ripping it's claws off. Sensitive people

  • Eating meat is murder!!!……but why is it so delicious ? ?

  • Vegan logic
    “aniMals cAn kiLL otHer ANimAls to EAt buT hUmaNs cAnt kiLL aNimaLs tO eAT”

  • A real treat you say. Id bet nobody ate that crap. Why would that be do you think?

  • Too many unnecessary steps. Just squeeze the juice and add to the melting butter, and add some zest for added flavor.
    Lobsters, like snow crabs, can be salty enough without need of adding salt (which is also present on the butter).
    Immediately placing it meat down on the hot side will char and yield a bitter flavor.
    Usually you want the shell to do most of the cooking for you, evenly distributing heat across the meat. Then you finish off the meat side.

    This is the first time I'm disliking your video, but whoever proposed this recipe apparently enjoys bitter, overly salty lobster.

  • If your knife is sharp and you do not hesitate, the killing is very easy.

  • People need to stop being bitches. My son will be told the truth. Chicken eggs and meat for instance, doesent just come from a supermarket.

    I'll be damned if my son turnes into a pathetic weak thi I skinned beta.

  • Just kill them however you want. Instant or burn them alive. Why does it matter? Not like the lobster will call the cops on you

  • People gripe about this, but, EVERY DAY millions of plants are murdered for vegans! ….. I want equal rights ??

  • “So we kill it and it’s instantly dead!” Oh you dont say? I never knew that!?

  • Oh boy! I'm making live lobster for the first time this weekend. I need to decide which recipe to use. Thank you for the video. It all looks amazingly delicious!

  • Lobsters are the bugs of the sea. In fact many insecticides also kill lobster larvae.

  • Its about 4 in the morning and I'm really hunger now

  • He doesn't know that arthropod brains are numerous and are not necessarily present in head.

  • Please don’t lie to you’re self, ok? Cuze we all know he feel it, and he hurt, so If you say “he doesn’t feel anything” that’s what you want us to think, that’s not make it look ok.

  • I respect everyone who eats meat even though I don't anymore, and I'll never, ever go around telling people to stop eating meat because I know how deep rooted of an instinct it is.

    The way I see it, killing another life form in this day and age just to eat it is brutal and unnecessary. We can provide for ourselves just fine, there's not need to kill to eat anymore, but since a lot of people consider this a natural thing to do, there's no way I can do anything to change their minds. I just mind my own business, do my own things and have my own way of thinking, and it drives me insane when vegans and vegetarians feel the need to force their views on people who just don't see them as a viable possibility. Whatever your lifestyle is, it's Yours and yours alone. Don't go bother people telling them to stop eating meat. It's not gonna work, and honestly, you should mind your own business. If they wanna kill, if they wanna eat animals, let them. If they still feel good and don't feel any difference at the end of the day, that's fantastic. You obviously feel something and that's why you've made a particular choice, that's awesome. They see you as being in the wrong and you see them as being in the wrong. End of story. No point in fighting over this. Humans are humans, and some things will never change. As long as you feel you're making a difference, then that's good enough.

    This is for everyone in the comment section complaining about killing. Vegans, vegetarians I feel you, really. Most of the time though you just act like idiots. Stop forcing your views on people.

  • Completely destroying the brain and the brain-stem in 1-2 seconds is VERY HUMANE (and not "graphic") compared to disgusting common slaughter methods of higher mammals I personally cannot look at. But I like fish and shrimps, they get killed humane (getting either deep frozen, or quickly beheaded with a hydraulic cutter before the body is processed and being filetted) and it`s very healthy and ethical correct food.
    Lobster is too expensive, but they say it tastes like shrimps.

  • We did that stab thing and it didn’t die! I felt so bad lmao. It wasn’t just twitching, it was running around and flapping around and trying to escape

  • The second lobster must freak out when it's brought over to the chopping board and sees it's brother split into two.

  • I know they don't feel anything the way you do, but the crunch of the exoskeleton while you cut it open disturbs me so much. It sounds painful

  • There's nothing natural to kill a animal only because you want to eat! You don't need animals to let you feed!


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