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DIY pig grill + How to roast a whole pig recipe

Simple recipe: The pig has to be salted 1 day before (in summer) or 2 days before (in winter). To prepare the pig, use 1-2kg of salt (depends on pig size and weight 20-45kg). Place the pig inside a tub (the pig will release water), use the salt, cover it with damp sheet and don’t forget turn over every 5h. Cooking: Small pig (20kg) takes approximately 3-4 hours to cook in summer and 35-40kg pig takes 5-6h (add +1h or more in winter or bad weather conditions e.g strong wind). Buy a thermometer and measure temperature deep in pigs leg and neck. It must be 80 Deg Celsius – then the pig it’s done and ready to eat.

The grill: A pedal from bike, electric motor from car wipers, a metal barrel … that’s what will do it 🙂


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