Turkey – Grilled recipe

Hunters venture out each spring and fall in missouri in an attempt to bag the elusive wild turkey. For those that find success, the next big challenge is deciding how to cook the bird once you get it home. If you’re looking for a recipe that’s simple, tasty, and hot off the grill… then we’ve got you covered. To get started, you’ll need two pounds of meat with the skin removed. For grilling, cut it into quarter-inch thick slices. In a bowl, combine olive oil, lemon juice, oregano and salt and pepper. Marinate the turkey in this mixture and chill 30 minutes to an hour. While the turkey is marinating, mix a tasty dipping sauce of yogurt, orange juice, minced garlic, ground cumin, oregano, salt, lemon juice, and orange zest. Cover and refrigerate. Place the meat on wooden skewers to help hold in moisture. Place them on a medium-hot grill and cook 10 minutes or more until done. Serve with lemon sauce. This recipe also works well for other game birds like quail or pheasant. It’s a simple and tasty reward for some of those challenging hunts.



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