Gas Grills – Safety and Cooking Tips

When it comes to grilling, there are only two types of grills. The two types of grills are Natural Gas and Propane.

Natural Gas Grills


Natural gas grills are usually kept as kept on patios, porches, or decks, whereas propane grills can go just about anywhere. Whichever kind you use, you want to make sure that you’re not only cooking a great meal but that you’re also safe.

Natural gas grills may be usually stationary, attach to your gas line in the house. As long as your grill is connected correctly, you should have no problems with leaks. As most natural gas suppliers add a smell to the gas, if there were a leak, you would probably know right away. It would be best if you got this fixed before you light your grill again. This is a dangerous fire hazard!

To operate your natural gas grill, you should:

-Close the lid, so escaping gases don’t ignite.

-Insert a lit match (if you have a spark igniter, the igniter will light the burner)

-Turn the burner on to high

Never use a natural gas grill on an enclosed deck or patio or in a garage doorway. Small and confined spaces can hold the gas and ignite when you lite the grill. We don’t want to burn down our home or porch because we wanted a nice steak.


Propane Grills


Portable propane grills possess a tank that physically attaches to the grill. The more compact your grill is can on determine the size of your propane reservoir. Whatever format you use, before igniting your grill, please double-check that your propane tank is attached correctly, and it is not leaking. The best way to strive and do this is to use a leak-detection solution. One of these gauges on Amazon is excellent for this.

When grilling using a propane grill, you should:

-Always light it a problem lid open

-Never smoke around it

-Keep the propane tanks standing up when they’re not attached to the grill.

-Never allow children to play with them. NEVER.

When you cook on a gas grill, you should follow some of the same guidelines as cooking on a charcoal grilling. For example, clean your grill after every use. Neglecting to clean the grill could cause flare-ups, a mediocre tasting meal, or even diseases.

Treating the grill ahead vitality with just a little oil will allow you to prevent food from sticking, and it will make removing easier. If you do not mind losing grill marks, you can cover your grill with aluminum foil, and then poke holes in the foil allowing air and flames arrive through. Don’t overcrowd the grill because this can also cause flare-ups. In addition to making it problematic to turn the cheeseburger.

If you plan to use any marinade left over, boil it first. You will need it to boil it for at least 12 minutes before pouring it over your meat to prevent salmonella.

The replacement for cooking while using a lid of one’s grill up or down depends as part of your grill, the type of time you need to spend cooking, and your taste.

Each grill, whether propane or natural gas, is different, so keep the owner’s manual for your grill handy, and do as instructed that include it. It is best to be able to maintain safety while you’re cooking for your gas preparation.




Happy Grilling!

Source by Jennifer Brown Johnson

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