Secret BBQ Tricks from Grill Masters


Thick steaks, juicy hot dogs, crisp skewers, That’s. What we picture when we think about grilling. And though we can eat them like pros, the actual grilling part can be tricky, but no worries.

The Ultimate Grillmaster, Perfect steaks, hot dogs, and shish kabobs are all within your reach. Here we go,

The Potato Trick.

How can you prevent your meat from sticking to the grill? You grease it right, But not with oil? Not only is oil flammable, but it can also cause carcinogenic compounds to be released in high heat.

Instead, cut a potato in half and poke holes in it with a fork. Then rub it all over the hot grill and watch it work its magic. The heat releases starch from the potato, which creates an all-natural non-stick coating.

Now you can let your meat sizzle away without worrying that it will stick to the grill. And it’s. All utterly natural Talk about a win-win.

The Ice Cube Trick.

If your patties always end up looking like hockey, pucks don’t worry because there’s an easy fix.

Make a small indent in the burger and stick an ice cube in there as the meat cooks. The ice will melt, and all the moisture will be absorbed.

If you want to kick things up a notch. Stick some butter in there too.

Extra juicy burgers. Here we come The Apple Juice Trick, The secret to a juicy steak. With a nice crust, isn’t butter., It’s; apple juice, That’s right apple, juice., Just spray some on your steak before grilling, and you’ll get the most fantastic crust of your life, pizza excluded.

The Coal Trick

The # 1 rule of grilling, is to get the temperature just right. If your coals are too hot, you’ll end up with dry overcooked meat. You’ll know the coals are good to go once they’re covered in gray, ash, and start glowing, which can take up to 30 minutes.

To find out if the temperature’s right, hold your hand about 6 inches above the grate. 1 2 …, oh ouch Way way too hot. That means you’ll have to spread out the coals.

Throw on a few more coals because that means it’s too cold.

The Rosemary Skewer Trick

Whoa, hold on a second. Of course, you can make your kabobs like that. But this is more creative.
You’ll wow, all your guests and its way. Tastier trusts us. Stack up your meat and veggies as usual, but use a sprig of rosemary instead of a regular wooden skewer., Then throw them on the grill and enjoy some extra flavor.

The 3-Zone Fire Trick.

Before you add meat to the grill, you have to get the temperature right. How to Build a 3-zone fire. The hottest zone is the one with a mountain of coals. Evenly disperse the coals in the center zone for medium heat.

And the third zone is the one without any coals. So you can let your meat rest once it’s done cooking. Now you & # 39. Ll have complete control over how you want your meat cooked., Plus, you get to use indirect heat.

The Onion Trick

Charred food bits and stubborn grime that just won’t come off. These are the woes of grilling., But don’t waste your money on cleaning products because there are simple, non-toxic alternative onions. Cut one in half, poke holes in it and use it to clean your grate.

Onions have antibacterial properties, so they’ll get your grate looking nice and clean. The Sausage Trick. Your brats will stay put if you position them next to one another., But don’t stick a fork in them.

While they’re cooking, They’ll fall apart, and all that yummy fat (uh, flavor ) will drip out, leaving you with a smoking, grill, and bland dogs. That’s a lose-lose situation that no one wants to be in.

The Lemonade Trick

Channel your inner child and make homemade lemonade, but a more exciting version. Cut a few lemons in half, dip them in sugar and grill them for 10 minutes until the sugar’s nice and caramelized.

Then squeeze the juice into a pitcher. Add some fresh lemon slices, and well, there you have it the perfect lemonade for any cookout.

The Resting Trick.

Don’t just devour your steak the second it comes off the grill.
Instead, cover it with aluminum foil and let it rest for 1-2 minutes. This will lock in the moisture for an extra juicy piece of meat, But you don’t have to worry about brats and hot dogs. You can bite into those right away.

The Newspaper Trick

The worst part of any BBQ has got to be the cleanup. Seriously, who wants to scrub down a grill when you could be relaxing. Luckily, there’s an easy solution to Grab some newspaper and wrap it around the dirty grate. Then soak it in water and let it sit like that overnight. The moisture and ink from the paper will remove all that grime from the grate.

Why should you have to do all the hard work? Cleaning up has never been easier With all these genius tips & amp tricks in your arsenal.

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