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Today I am sharing one of my all time favorite, retro steakhouse dishes. Steak Oscar! Traditionally made with veal and called veal Oscar, this dish is the ultimate in indulgence. A well cooked steak topped with grilled asparagus, lump crab meat and draped with hollandaise or Bearnaise sauce, this is definitely a dish to bring out when you want to make something fancy. With Valentine’s day just a week away, I thought that it would be fun to share this dish as an option for dinner with your sweetheart! Today we are making this on the BSTY multicooker using the grill pan and we thank them for sponsoring today’s video as well as providing the appliance to prepare this amazing dish!

Traditionally this dish is made with veal and it’s origins are murky at best. Said to have been created for King Oscar II of Sweden in 1897 and is named for him as well. It originally included ingredients that the king was very partial to, which included, veal medallions, sauteed in butter and white wine as well as lobster meat, topped with white asparagus spears and a rich sauce called Coronsauce that is, evidently similar to Hollandaise but I am unfamiliar with it.

I am making this dish with a sirloin steak in place of the veal. I made a conscious effort many years ago to not consume veal because I do not agree with the way it is raised. I am by no means an activist or a meat hater, as is evidenced by my many recipes. But veal is off limits for me so we chose a good, grass fed, Sirloin steak for this dish. You can use filet mignon, ribeye, new york strip or even a London broil if you are going to make this for a crowd. You can also make this “Oscar” dish using a boneless center cut pork chop or a boneless, skinless chicken breast. You should make this to suit your preferences and use the protein that best fits your needs.

I seasoned the steak with my homemade steakhouse seasoning on both sides and preheated the grill for five minutes on high to get it good and hot. Then I sear the steak on both sides getting good grill marks all around and allowed them to cook to a medium doneness or until their internal temperature, when taken on an instant read thermometer was between 140 and 145F. When done I removed them from the grill and allowed them to rest on a platter for 10 minutes before slicing and building our steak Oscar.

You can find my video for the steakhouse seasoning here:

To build the steak Oscar I sliced the steak and then fanned the portion onto the serving plate I layered three spears of steam/grilled asparagus on top that I cooked just after the steak was done using a bit of water and the lid for the grill. On top of the asparagus I layered a generous portion of lump crab meat. I am using real picked, local blue crab but I think that imitation crab would work here as well for a more budget friendly option. If you are not partial to crab you could also sub out for baby shrimp or even lobster meat if you prefer.

Now that we have the three main layers all built up, it’s time for the crowning glory! The Hollandaise sauce. I have made mine from scratch using my fool proof method in the microwave. Don’t knock it till you try it!

You can find my video on how to do this here:

Drape the hollandaise sauce over the tower of goodness we built and then a sprinkle of cayenne pepper to finish everything off for good measure. Cayenne enhances the flavor of the hollandaise and gives it just enough kick. I make my hollandaise like a cross between true hollandaise and bearnaise sauce. Not only have I added the lemon juice which is integral to a good hollandaise but I have also added a bit of white wine vinegar which goes into bearnaise. I left out the shallot and tarragon that you would find in a traditional bearnaise sauce because Rick is not a fan.

Be sure to check out the BSTY multifunction cooker on Amazon as well as the accessory plates that can help you make better use of your time in the kitchen! Thank you to them for sponsoring today’s video!

I hope you give Steak Oscar a try sometime soon, whether it’s for Valentine’s day or another occasion and I hope you love it!

Happy Eating!

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