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Setup For Grilling Ribs On A Gas Grill

Brad & Michael at GrillGrate show you how you can low & slow those ribs on your gasser without drying them out! This technique works for any gas grill!

Full Recipe:

The Smokist Pouch:

Johnny Joseph Rub:

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8 thoughts on “Setup For Grilling Ribs On A Gas Grill

  • If I were cooking dry rub ribs without adding the BBQ sauce, would the process be any different from what you showed?

  • I thought you cannot use any metal on top of grill grates. The tell me it can hurt the grates?

  • Thanks for the video. Did you refill the wood chips at all? Trying this out and looking forward to the results.

  • Thanks for the tips. Got a new gas griil, so looking forward to trying this out.

  • Thank you for this. As I guy who loves me some BBQ Ribs, but only owns a Weber gas grill, this video hit the mark. Made up a couple of racks for the 4th yesterday and they turned out really well. I made some smoke packets using aluminum foil and a wood chip blend, but I felt like the heat wasn't high enough to really get them going, even when placed right on the heat deflector (aka flavorizor bars) just like you did. But I still got a little smoke, so I'm not complaining.

    Thank you very much for the nice instructional video.


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