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NINJA FOODI GRILL BRISKET! | Part 1 | Ninja Foodi Grill Recipes!

On this video we use the Ninja Foodi Grill to make some Texas style Beef Brisket. This one was a fun challenge to come up with a technique to make the brisket. This will be a part 1 on a brisket “how to” series in the Ninja Foodi Grill. We had a couple challenges on this one, can’t wait to work on part 2!


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27 thoughts on “NINJA FOODI GRILL BRISKET! | Part 1 | Ninja Foodi Grill Recipes!

  • Looking forward to Part 2. I did a pork shoulder blade steak today with a Memphis seasoning…about 15 minutes on low grill until 165F…phenomenal!!!

  • Nice ? your on the right track for sure maybe a little injection I always inject my flats cuz there are lean to me great share

  • cant wait to see the retry…im interested in doing a brisket sometime

  • Still a good experiment. That tear in the foil is what did it like you said. Maybe make some brisket chili with your leftovers???

  • Ok great keeping it real and good attempt. But now you've left us with a cliff hanger. When's part 2?

  • That really looked like it was going to come out perfect! I'm sure the flavors were spot on. Thank you for posting this as this should be for research and learning purposes lol. Love how you explained so well what could have possibly gone wrong. I can't wait for part 2 bro. WE HAVE TO GET IT RIGHT! By the way, I'll still eat that. Make it into a chili or put over some nachos or something

  • Start cooking it in reverse. Wrap it with apple juice poored in foil. Make sure it isn’t leaking !! Then finish it getting bark on it.

  • Things happen, turn a negative into a positive and look toward the next cook! Cheers brother, I would be pissed for sure but find a way to make it work. Just pour a touch of warm dark beer on it.

  • It started awesome then when i seen it leak out of the first tin foil the in to the second one i was oh no but you learned from this one. Still a good video

  • My 1st set of Ribeyes in the Foodi Grill came out a lot closer to Med Well than Medium. They were still good!! That briskey will go down just fine.

  • Was holding my breath while you were pouring the liquid smoke ? That stuff scares me. I think it's pretty cool that you're showing other ways to cook this stuff, because I don't own a smoker or a grill. Thanks! ?

  • That’s how it goes sometimes – at least you have a plan for next time. I bet Susie’s rub was packed with flavor

  • Cj we know you will get it.How about thicker foil. Like the hat too.

  • Charlie acting as the peanut gallery @4:45 … ! Never trust the flimsy, cheap tin foil ! Always use heavy duty foil ! Meat looks as tender as Mrs CJ’s heart ! I will say, I’ve never seen brisket in a Foodi before so well done !

  • Thank you for uploading this video 🙂 Its a learning experience for us all. My husband is dying to have brisket. I cant wait to see part 2 🙂

  • "Go ahead, Ill wait" LOL – I get scared when I see liquid smoke, but you made a good point.
    I love a good experimental video. Will help people grow and learn with their Ninja Foodi. I bet the taste was on point…. and part 2 will be perfect. Good video for learning. Im glad you posted it.


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