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Kids Vs. Science: Making The Greatest Grilled Cheese

The grilled cheese: simple, gooey, delicious. A cheesemonger, a food scientist, and a seasoned chef will attempt to create the ultimate version of this classic sandwich. Their competition? Three hilarious kids. Who will win?

Kids Vs. Science is a new show from Mental Floss where we assemble a team of experts to take on a simple childhood activity, and of course, put them head-to-head against a group of kids. Will the superteam of professionals be able to pool their knowledge together to make something extraordinary, or will the living balls of energy that are human children take the crown?

In this episode, the two teams will take on a culinary classic: the grilled cheese. Will they stick with a familiar recipe, or try to wow the taste buds with something new and creative? May the best team win.

Carol Johnson, Monger’s Palate
Dave Arnold, Museum of Food and Drink
Frank Proto, Institute of Culinary Education


& a special thank you to Institute of Culinary Education, and our three judges, Rick, Lexi, and Sean

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