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Jamie Cooks Italy | Chargrilled Squid, Chicken Pot Roast, Seafood Stew and Fresh Pasta and Pesto

2 years in the making, and traveling all across Italy – we’ve got some amazing recipes to share with you. From gorgeous Chargrilled Squid with Zingy caper salsa to beautiful fresh Pasta with Warm broccoli and tangy cheese pesto. Life doesn’t get better than this!

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The Amazing Italian Spiedini | Behind the Scenes | Jamie Cooks Italy

Jamie Oliver and The Nonnas | #jamiecooksitaly |

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29 thoughts on “Jamie Cooks Italy | Chargrilled Squid, Chicken Pot Roast, Seafood Stew and Fresh Pasta and Pesto

  • That series was such good television from two great mates and chefs doing it right. That chicken ragu with the aubergines is dynamite.


  • What kind of knife did Jamie use for slicing the squid ? Is it one of those he’s used to sell ? I want one, looks cool.

  • Jamie and Mr G presents Italy right. This new series is ultimate! After living in Sicily for 8 years and been in the US for 2, I got to go back and eat! Thank you both for bringing the truthfulness of flavors before our eyes. One of the best if not thee best Italian cooking videos I will save. Cheers!

  • hey guys, where do i find that pasta flour Jamie is using in recipe #3 in US, Georgia? it seems all he did was adding water…

  • So his Cockney geezer attitude was fake after all

  • Great stuff! I am translating this book into Swedish right now, so it is very useful and inspiring to see the video.

  • Man, out of the culinary artists, this guy is a Van Gogh. Genuinely.

    I'm going squid fishing in Thailand in a few weeks, and, while I don't have a lot of the ingredients here, I'm sure it won't matter when they're fresh off the boat. I'll have to put a Thai twist on it.

  • G&J I made the grilled squid today, it was great, but my wife pretty much thought it was a religious experience THANK YOU!

  • What i need for the pasta? Which type of flour? thanks

  • Hey mr.oliver. you are a great cook i really like your videos learned so much from them i just wish that the duration of the videos were longer

  • Jamie Oliver has always, always been on my dream dinner party list. I’m not a confident or capable cook and his tutorials have helped me enormously. Even my children have learnt to follow many of his recipes. He’s an extraordinary chef, entrepreneur, seems like a kind person and let’s not forget he’s given back such a lot.

  • Why isn’t it called Jamie and Gennero?!? Gennero is an institution.

  • Soooooooooooooooo niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice niiiiiiiiiice ????????????


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