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How to Slow Grill Chicken Breast Recipe – MassiveJoes MasterClass – Food Preparation Prep Grilling

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MassiveJoes Masterclass is a weekly video series in which Managing Director, Joseph Mencel, along with other members of Team MassiveJoes head into the kitchen to show you the basics of healthy cooking to help you reach your goals.

MassiveJoes Masterclass will feature on the YouTube Channel, Facebook Page and website beginning in January 2013. If you have a recipe that you would like Team MassiveJoes to feature in MassiveJoes Masterclass, email

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In this video, Managing Director, Joseph Mencel, shows you how to perfectly slow grill chicken breast for juicy, tasty delicious chicken!


26 thoughts on “How to Slow Grill Chicken Breast Recipe – MassiveJoes MasterClass – Food Preparation Prep Grilling

  • Very Pleased!>>> I received my Griddler yesterday. This morning I cooked bacon/eggs on it with no problem. This evening I cooked a 1-inch Rib-eye steak on my Griddler with excellent results. Cooking the steak was as simple as it gets. The steak was set to sear at 450 degrees for two minutes and then the Griddler automatically steps down the cooking temperature to 425 degrees. The steak cooked for a total of 8 minutes in the full contact configuration. When done, I ended up with a nice medium to medium-rare steak. I have used the product twice and I am impressed. Great job Cuisinart! Plus, clean-up was very easy.

  • You really show me how idiots Americans are….

  • I would cook them on high heat/less time since they are thin slices. Charred on the outside and juicy on the inside.

  • You handled raw and cooked chicken with the same tongs? Risk of food poisoning.

  • Hey MassiveJoes, I've watched quite a few of your videos and I've learnt a lot, so thank you so much for all the knowledge bombs you guys have been dropping!
    But I did want to know if you guys could do a video on Omega 3 and fish oil supplements? About what they are? When is the best time to have them and how they help?
    You guys are awesome and thanks again for all the help guys!

  • you sound like a combination of an Italian and the Hodge twins

  • I really hope you cleaned those thongs before touching the cooked chicken again. Need to avoid any contamination.

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  • what temperature is your bbq on low??? I got a weber cook book and it says cook chicken breast direct medium heat which said 350-450 degrees F…. for about 8-12 mins….

  • Watched all three chicken videos, good stuff. How long do you usually let the chicken sit while seasoning?


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