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How To Make Grilled Corn with Sriracha Aioli / Corn Recipes

Grilled corn recipe

2 Tbsp Olive oil for brushing
1 tsp salt
1  tsp black pepper
5 ears fresh corn

1.Prepare a grill with heat medium-high
2.Peel off corn husks and remove silk
3.Soak corn cob in the water for 10 minutes and pat dry with paper towel
4.Brush corn with olive oil and grill
5. Grill corn turning often until it is tender and charred in sports 5-8 minutes.
6.Transfer corn to a platter and spread with sriracha Aioli

Sriracha aioli
1 cup mayo
¼ cup sriracha
½ lime

1. Stir mayonnaise and sriracha hot sauce together in a bowl, until the color is consistent, add lime juice and stir.

Serve with lime and garnish as you like!



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