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How-To Make a Steak Sandwich with Matty Matheson

Where are we? Italy? Tuscany? The Riviera? NO! We’re in the MUNCHIES Test Kitchen! And Matty’s showing us how to make a flawless steak sandwich. And because everyone loves healthy right now, Matty adds a crunchy chopped kale chimichurri and a beautiful little tomato salad.

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28 thoughts on “How-To Make a Steak Sandwich with Matty Matheson

  • That was almost as much as the amount of oil on my face back when I had acne in high school. ?

  • Anyone else pucker there butthole when the tomato hit the board right after the meat was on it? Hope they switched it or flipped it, it's a pro vid so I bet they changed it…

  • Thanks Matty, I just made these for my family and they loved it

  • I couldn't do it dude lol. I like my steak medium rare but that looked like it could juke the bread, reform the cow and peace out.

  • Thats not a chimichurry dude, thats a pussy sauce. Regards from Argentina

  • From the bottom of my heart thank you Matty Matheson! Your great food and recipes has gotten panties dropping all over my condo on a regular basis. Now honeys play me close like butter play toast, From the Mississippi down to the East Coast!

  • I hate how much the producers on his new channel has him hamming up the yelling and screaming. He was much more enjoyable to watch like this.

  • Like im not saying that i know anything compared to this guy about cooking…like i am barley even a beginner…but that amount of oil..even if its olive oil isnt gonna fly with me…

  • All these idiot's saying to much oil like if chimichurri isn't supposed to be drenched in it.

  • Crisco is Crystalized Cottonseed Oil. Grapeseed Safflower Sunflower etc are all made from seeds. Olive Oil is not an ancient food. Its depicted that way in graphic design but it was used for centuries as a cosmetic. It was unheard of to put it in the human body until the 20th century. Olive oil is the most stable but all the oils become carcinogenic when heated and even just sitting on the shelf.


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