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Grilling Salmon the Georgia Way | BBQ Pitmasters

BBQ Pitmasters veterans Robby Royal and Eric Thomas face off against newcomer John Ley in this Georgia-style contest to see who can grill the best salmon and move on to win a shot at becoming BBQ Pitmaster Grand Champion. | For more BBQ Pitmasters, visit

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5 thoughts on “Grilling Salmon the Georgia Way | BBQ Pitmasters

  • Leave the skin on. Its a barrier like they say and has natural oils that enhance the flavor. Crispy grilled skin can either be eaten or left behind but for the sake of grilled salmon leave the skin on!!

  • i would cut it into steaks, i would cut it into fillets, i would take the skin off, I would leave the skin on, I would debone it,  I would leave the bones in, i would use a charcoal grill, I would only use a propane grill, shit I would smoke mine, my god man, and I love their simple ideas as they do a million things to the fish

  • fish meat is usually too much soft i prefer to go with the skin or rolled in banana leeves.


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