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Grilling Korean Short Rib with Chef Deuki Hong and Drinking Syrah

In this week’s episode of Tasting Notes Chef Deuki Hong of Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong in New York City shows Patrick Cappiello, the award-winning wine director at Rebelle, how to grill Korean short rib. Patrick chooses a balanced but hearty Syrah from winemaker Pax Mahle as the perfect complement to Chef Hong’s dish, which is served with roasted shishito peppers and garlic halves.

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Executive Producer: Brian Berkowitz
Producer: Jeremy Repanich
Host: Patrick Cappiello

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25 thoughts on “Grilling Korean Short Rib with Chef Deuki Hong and Drinking Syrah

  • God damn that water to soy sauce ratio is sweet science baby! Love the tip

  • When they were done eating they had a contest who could put the most wine bottle up their caboose.

  • for once, it was actually a good pairing, not just "the wine cuts through the fat" finally…

  • "I'm not a wine gay, but I think this is delicious…" And then that look… They have such a incredible chemistry on cámara….

  • hha chef is easily got DRUNK with one sip hha HES DRUNK! hhahaha

  • Patrick Cappiello is without a doubt the best "food show host" I've ever seen. He is extremely knowledgeable while also being super laid back and personable

  • I can't believe YouTube allows porn now days, I mean sure the sex part is not in it but you can see the build up

  • that soy sauce to water tip is super insightful, props to the chef

  • Not even on some racial or anti-gay business but, I'm pretty sure these dudes were flirting on camera lowkey

  • I watched some videos with your "somelier" and I noticed that he treats the wine bottles like an idiot. Most of the waiters know how to properly open a bottle but this guy is an somelier and he should be a sophisticated professional but… look at the bottle he opened… he did not cut the foil before placing the worm of the opener into the cork. He has good knowledge about wines but he is not a somelier.

  • @indulgence Just found the best cooking channel on Youtube! You learn recipes from around the world and how to pair them with nice wine actually the only cooking channel where am learning something!!!

  • Listen, everybody, if you write a racial slur or anti-LGBTQ slur in a comment, we're bouncing your ass out of here.


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