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Grilling a Vegan Impossible Burger at Home

Since you can’t buy the Impossible Burger in stores yet, I thought that I would stop in at a local restaurant that serves this delicious meatless burger and ask if they would sell me a few patties. They did!

I have grilled many Beyond Meat burgers on our grill at home, and they are always delicious but I had to try the Impossible Burger and compare.

The smell, look, texture, and taste are all unmistakably that of a real beef patty, but you don’t have the environmental harm associated with factory farming. I think this is a great bridge between the meat consumption that many of us are used to and a healthier and cleaner vegan diet. I honestly don’t think that I would be able to tell the difference if no one told me that this was not a real meat burger.

Try one when you get the chance – if you like cheeseburgers (who doesn’t??) you will love the Impossible Burger!


9 thoughts on “Grilling a Vegan Impossible Burger at Home

  • go to burger king ask to speak to a manager and ask them if you can buy them and tell them you want to cook them at home to make chillie or tacos. some times they will say well we cant do that since you may not cook them the proper temp just remind them that they are vegi and can be eaten raw and that matters less most times they will think about it and say you are right. the next step is making shure to get them to only ring them up as just a patty if they want to charge more then $1.25 or around their each then tell them I think you are miss understand what I want or how to ring them up say its op it happens all the time and tell them you wear told you have to ring them in as option then imposable burger this way they come out at $1.25 each . I buy them all the time and this is the cheapist place to buy. if you are nice and order in bulk some managers of places that sell the burger will give it to you at cost plust s amall fee if you tell them I can come back and pick it up when you get your next order in if you can give me it at cost plust a small fee for buying in bulk. but from what I see the burger king way is best

  • I'm a 27-year vegetarian (not quite vegan), and I certainly don't want to discourage people from eating VERSION 2.0 of the Impossible Burger, which is soy-based. Still, I continue to hope that Impossible Foods eventually sees the error of their ways and returns to, or at least concurrently offers, Version 1.0, which was wheat-based, and in my humble opinion (and of others I've met) was far, far superior in overall taste, texture, aroma, and with crispy/burnt edges….basically outstanding overall sensory appeal. Over a 6-month period after its debut, I probably consumed 30 – 40 version 1.0 burgers; since the transition to 2.0 around Feb. 2019, I've had 4, including this evening. It's "just OK"….but really not much better than a vegan soy-based Boca Burger which you can get at half the price at almost any grocery store.


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