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Grilled Pizza – basic method + recipe ideas

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This method produces some of the best pizza that you’ll ever be able to make at home, and with a little practice it’s pretty easy. The only equipment that you NEED is a grill, although a stand mixer will be your best friend if you want to make the dough at home.

Here are the components I use:
pizza dough (separated into portions 6 oz. – 8 oz. in weight)
olive oil for brushing
chunky pizza sauce
low-moisture whole milk mozzarella
various toppings (including chive oil – recipe below)

The following dough recipes work fairly well:
(I tried this recipe for the first time in this video. It’s decent, but I prefer the way that the crust crisps up when the dough recipe includes a little olive oil)
(Not a bad recipe, but cut the salt in half and increase the amount of water to just under a cup.)

Chive oil

1/4 c. canola oil
1/2 c. olive oil
1 oz. bunch of chives
8 parsley sprigs (optional)
pinch of salt (optional)

Blanch the chives and parsley sprigs in boiling water for 20-30 seconds, and transfer to an ice bath. Separate the parsley leaves from the stems, and discard the stems. Pat the parsley leaves and chives dry and transfer to a blender (or put into a container that will accommodate an immersion blender). Add the oils and salt and blend until the herbs are somewhat smooth. Strain into a squeeze bottle.

This makes quite a bit more than you will need for pizza, but it’s also pretty great on eggs, pasta, grilled meats, etc.


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  • yeah but it helps to melt the cheese. btw i saw your tacos and i understand thata they are related to the ones from that company though in mexico we dont eat them with chinesse ingredients i think i spotted some indian too. even so im impresed with the good taste you have for combining flavors, sorry if im not making me clear enough but i learned english at middle school so im not very acustomed to write it. i was wondering if ya know how to make bean and meat chilly,& sorry for the long comment

  • I got it at Lowe's. I'm fairly happy with it, but it's way bigger than I need. It would take an entire bag of charcoal to get really hot direct heat under the entire surface. But I guess it is nice to have a large indirect heat zone when I need it.

  • Very informative and enjoyable to watch, plus I like how your recipes are something a little different. Great videos man, keep em up.


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