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Grilled Chicken – Easy grilling for large groups

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BBQ gear that I use every day:
1. Chef’s knife – (Germany) / (USA)
2. Cutting Board – (Germany) / (USA)
3. Barbecue tong – (German) / (USA)
4. Kitchen Torch – (Germany) / (USA)
5.Thermometer – (Germany) / (USA)


48 thoughts on “Grilled Chicken – Easy grilling for large groups

  • Only been following your channel a couple of weeks so much inspiration to really up my bbq game. Just made this it was amazing and so simple.

  • I like how this guy isnt afraid to be a little bit messy .spilling topping on table. Tis natural

  • Perfect aprons; Is that a European thing? Also, according to the UK, your knife is now considered a lethal weapon.

    Love your videos.
    Thx from the US. 😀

  • Love your videos but, promoting Doritos? That's like pumping Pillsbury recipes.

  • PLEASE MENTION TOTAL COOKING TIME….I see you generally do not it

  • I love how you do incredibly creative delicious looking sauces. I'm curious, cooking chicken at 280 F seems low (in my experience) in order to get crispy skin. Did you crank the heat up just prior to saucing them?

  • Prachtig recept! Maar mag het ook op directe hitte? Ik schroei kip of kalkoenfilet altijd mooi dicht boven direct vuur. 3-4 minuutjes langs beide zijden, en je hebt een mooie korst en toch nog sappigheid vanbinnen.

  • Have some crunch on is always nice while eating. Thumbs up, man.

  • Nice Chicks there Roel…. About Peter, met him at Tony Stone, wonderfull guy, passion for work, verry friendley after a smal chitchat together with friend Giovanni he gave me one Xapron for free…. bigg thumbs up for Peter… and offcorse your show. Keep it up dude, best regards Michel. ( in dutch: klasse goos en blijf grillen en posten)

  • Warum deckst Du das Wüsthof Logo auf den Messern ab, die sind doch super?

  • you take BBQ back to Europe :D..but a personal question if you dont mind you know a good eu online shop that have wood chunks for smoking in all flavors ..hard to find here in Norway ..we have a lot of brands of chips but for long term smoking i would like chunks ..just dont want to end up paying more for the wood compare to the meat :)..or it might be okay to order it from ebay have no ide

  • It’s too sad that I didn’t tasted your chicken ? recipe…
    you are selfish !!!???? You know why ??
    Because you making really tasty recipes ???
    I can’t imagine when you bites and enjoy the flavor … ????

    I’m just joking ? ..
    I’m really happy to what you show up ..

    Regards ,,,

  • Amazing job on that chicken , thanks for the recipe , also I recommend placing the doritos in a bag and using something to crush them , this way you can get them in even pieces 😀 Cheers!

  • Looks soo good! Gotta try this!! Looks like they make pretty cool aprons too! Cheers from Canada!

  • Never thought kicap manis is in Netherland..Here in malaysia we eat rice with kicap manis

  • Lots of good stuff Chef. I have to get a personalized PMX apron. The prototype is beautiful! The dry version of the chipotle chile is chile Morita. If you can locate it's a flavor and heat explosion! Yes, Kecap Manis is magic stuff. I like it mixed with Korean pepper paste and hoisin as a glaze on chicken wings. Regardless I'm first in line for the apron!! Love it!! Really unique version of a humble chicken taco on this video Chef. Well called!

  • It seems to be a slightly Mexican version of Taco, greetings from México .beautiful chicken ??

  • You know i love chicken!!! Your content is getting better and better mate!!! Love the apron!! Got a custom made myself aswell, love it!

  • wow. I just came across your channel yesterday and subscribed. I really like the stuff you cook. great stuff!!keep it up. looking forward for some more ideas. I did a couple videos myself. if you have time to check them out that would great. keep up the good work!

  • One of your bottom teeth is pushed back compared to the others. I have the same issue. Does it go further back over time?


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