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Cajun Meatloaf Recipe | Grilling

Here is my version of a Cajun meatloaf! Packed with lots of flavor and opportunity to add even more. If you like your meatloaf with a bunch of heat, pour it on! The hot tomato ketchup ads a nice touch to this recipe and if you cook it just right, it will start to caramels on the top of your meatloaf … yum!

Complete recipe and directions:

I cooked mine on the Grill plate from Grill Innovations:

Items used on the show:

KitchenAid Nesting Ceramic 4-Piece Bakeware Set –

iGrill2 –

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19 thoughts on “Cajun Meatloaf Recipe | Grilling

  • Try using Tabasco "Bloody Mary Mix". I cook it a lot in my Dutch Oven on the grill. Not only the Bloody Mary Mix adds flavor but you also get that smokey goodness flavor from the bbq.

  • Lookin' great Gary!  I love meatloaf and love it even more when it's cooked on the grill!

  • Aww . . .  yum-yum is right!    . . .    I love meatloaf, "Professor" Gary   🙂    mm-mmMM . . .    Thanks so much for your video!  
     It's really great that you can make such a classic comfort food outdoors the way you've done here.  Super job.
    Thanks again and thumbs up as always,   Norfolk Joe  🙂

  • woww, what a great dish, supy my friend looks so good…you are one of the best, thanks for this recipe, 
    best wishes from the ChaosKitchen51, Tom

    ChaosKitchen51-cooking&baking with Tom
    New´s here: Spelt-Carrot-Walnut-rollsbread

  • That meatloaf is above and beyond KILLER!  I absolutely love meatloaf and on a cool night, nothing beats it!  Great cook Gary! 

  • That's not like Mom used to make it, but I bet that meatloaf was amazing!! Fine job Gary!! Wish I had a slice of that right now!!!

  • Yum that totally looks fantastic. What a great meatloaf. Good job Gary

  • Love this technique – I need to look for a grill plate – I have just put my black iron in the grill and you're right – it takes more caution to keep from burning the bottom. Thanks so much Gary.


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