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Adana Opened Kebab New Trend Kebab Variety Detailed Recipe

New Adana style, opened kebab recipe
1300 grams of lamb meat
lamb back leg or rib meat is used
3 red peppers
3 green peppers
hot red pepper
rock salt
coarse ground black pepper
to put on the edge of the plate, onion
tomato, green pepper, red pepper, french fries and bread slices
this special large kebab knife is used to prepare meat
baking paper
wire rack for barbecue
square tray to serve
pieces of oak wood for cooking

Before preparing the butcher, the hard portions were separated and the meat was frozen a little
it is easier to chop frozen meat
delicious and a little oily, I can say baby lamb meat
first chop the meat into thin slices
After slicing lamb meat thinly, chop finely with a kebab knife.
you may think it is troublesome, you can prepare it with a machine
these kebabs are made in this way in Turkey
this meat will be enough for 5-6 people on average
a little knead the lamb meat, such as coarse minced meat
now vegetables will be prepared
remove the kernels of red and green peppers
Peel the garlic, 5 will be enough
finely chop the peppers, crush the garlic
With the kebab knife, peppers and garlic are cut and prepared thinly.
finely chopped peppers are kept ready. will go through another process, follow
parsley will be chopped without stalks
need to squeeze the chopped peppers
Meat flavor of kebab should be more dominant, prepare it to be completely dehydrated
Preparation of materials is about to end
add salt and spices, mix
Blend a little bit more with the butcher knife

If the ground beef remains unbroken as it seems, the process is okay
Let’s see how many grams of kebabs there are
1500 grams in total
prepare baking paper
kebab is added on the paper and opened at the length of the grill
opened kebab name comes from here
Prepare it to be the same size as the grill,
you can make a thinner kebab, my kebab is 1.5 kilograms
cut one edge of baking paper
hold it with paper and lift the kebab, and place it on the grill
After preparing the fire, this will be turned over and the paper will be removed
oak wood must be very dry for easy burning
you can easily burn with egg paper and thin pieces of wood
Cook the peppers before cooking the kebab
when the fire is ready turn the kebab and remove the paper from the bottom
if you do this early, kebab may stick to the grill wires
this kebab can be made with plain meat but it looks more colorful and beautiful in this way
barbecue fire is ready, make sure the fire is equal everywhere
Add the kebab on the barbecue and cook
Prepare the ingredients for the plate while cooking kebabs
prepare tomatoes and green peppers
slices of bread to add under the kebab
Prepare onion salad, finely chop the onion and parsley
add sumac and mix
Materials to decorate the kebab were prepared
kebab cooking stage
When the kebab is about to cook, prepare the serving tray
By the way, there is a very cold and snowy weather outside
Fill the ingredients in the square tray with no gaps
Adana style new trend opened kebab was cooked
this kebab was prepared with natural method and cooked with wood fire, I think it is delicious
immediately cut a slice and taste it,
The taste of lamb meat is already very good, definitely try this


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