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Aaron Franklin Teaches Texas-Style BBQ | Official Trailer | MasterClass

Praised as one of the most influential pitmasters in the U.S., self-taught barbecue legend Aaron Franklin has come a long way from the backyard cookouts where he started. Now he has fans across the country, including Jimmy Kimmel and President Barack Obama.

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In 2015, he won the James Beard Foundation Award for Best Chef: Southwest. His Austin, Texas, restaurant Franklin Barbecue was named Bon Appétit Magazine’s Best Barbecue Joint in America, and people stand in line for hours each day to enjoy his mouth-watering smoked brisket.

He also hosts a popular PBS show, BBQ with Franklin, helped launch an annual food and music festival, Hot Luck Fest, and opened Loro, an Asian smokehouse and bar with fellow James Beard Award-winner Tyson Cole.

In his new MasterClass, Aaron teaches you the brisket recipe from Franklin Barbecue and walks you through the meticulous Aaron Franklin brisket process, hour by hour. Learn the low and slow pitmaster techniques that make Central Texas barbecue so deliciously tender, Aaron’s process for selecting the right wood and managing an offset smoker, and his steps for making succulent BBQ ribs and pork butt. Gain a better understanding of the science of barbecue, elevate your smoking techniques, and take your pitmaster skills to the next level.

In this Texas-style BBQ class, you’ll learn about:
• Selecting and sorting wood
• Managing a fire to hit optimal temperatures
• Handling an offset smoker
• Aaron’s exact process for his famous brisket
• Sourcing and smoking pork
• Selecting, trimming, and seasoning cuts
• Beef quality
• Grilling steak
• Preparing sauces
• The history of Central Texas barbecue

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22 thoughts on “Aaron Franklin Teaches Texas-Style BBQ | Official Trailer | MasterClass

  • Yea I hate to sound like a dick but you can watch the PBS videos he made on YouTube for free. I watched the master class and I learned like 2 new things which realistically I could have still done with out. In the master class he also uses a converted propane smoker which lets be real no one has and if you do you aren’t going to be watching these videos. His older videos use pecos smoke any one can buy from academy sports which is more realistic then what he used in the master class

  • Hipster barbecue made by hipsters for hipsters who don't know any better.

  • I love your “teaser” trailers and watch them all like it is its own show

  • Two thumbs way up. Hands down my favorite masterclass. Aaron, thank you for generously and selflessly sharing your secrets to great BBQ

  • Hi there, does he recommend which bbq/grill/smoker to purchase? Would his lessons work on a variety of barbecues or should they be very specific? For example would his lessons be applicable on a green egg? Thanks!

  • if you’re not a vegan, you should at least respect meat the way this guy does and not waste it

  • When ever you cut into brisket and see its moist on the inside, it cant be bad. You can cook brisket a hundred times and never see one that moist.

  • This is why Ramsay is brilliant. He draws the top of the top. Touche monsieur Ramsay


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